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Graded Coins: Unparalleled Security, Value, and Authenticity

Unlock the true potential of gold with
GoldCap's commitment to excellence with graded coins. Discover a world where security, value, and authenticity converge to redefine your gold strategy.

Understanding Coin Grading:

Coin grading is a meticulous process, a cornerstone in determining a coin's value. Five crucial criteria—surface condition/preservation, strike, colour, lustre, and attractiveness—shape the grade of a coin. At GoldCap, we recognise the importance of preserving these qualities, which is why we specialise in graded coins.

The Risks of
Ungraded Coins:

Ordinary gold or silver coins may seem enticing, but their condition can deteriorate rapidly once in circulation. GoldCap advocates for graded coins, as their condition is meticulously examined by independent grading organisations. Ungraded coins, often advertised at lower prices, come with inherent risks. Graded coins, on the other hand, provide a known and fixed quality, ensuring a security.

The Grading Process:

Each coin is minutely inspected and assigned a grade on the 0-70 point Sheldon scale. These grades, represented on tamper-proof containers or 'slabs,' secure the coins and display a unique identifying number and barcode. The seals feature barcodes and holograms, with serial numbers listed on the grading authority's website.

Understanding Grading Numbers and Codes:

Coins are assigned numerical grades or letter codes based on their condition. The prefix AU (About Uncirculated) and MS (Mint State) grading numbers indicate the coin's condition, with MS70 signifying perfection. Proof coins are labelled PR or PF before their given grade.

In reality, coins of lower grades are designated with letter codes such as GF (Good Fine = up to 20), VF (Very Fine = 20-30), and XF (Extremely Fine = 40-45), often graded without an actual numerical grade. From 50 to 60, the prefix AU (About Uncirculated) is used, and then the MS (Mint State) grading numbers are seen from around 60 onwards, up to the perfect coin grade; 70 (e.g., MS70). Proof coins are given a PR or PF lettering before their given grade (e.g., PR70).

The Significance of Professional Grading:

Collectors consistently pay a premium for coins in outstanding
condition, making professional grading a vital aspect of the
collecting experience. The higher the grade, the higher the value,
making it a crucial consideration for both seasoned collectors
and newcomers.

The GoldCap Advantage:

GoldCap places a premium on quality and authenticity. We guarantee
the integrity and accuracy of your purchase. Whether you are a seasoned collector or venturing into the world of gold for the first time, our authenticated and graded coins promise maximum security, value,
and liquidity.

Choose GoldCap for a journey where every coin is not just gold but a testament our uncompromising standards of security, value, and authenticity.

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